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If Chai had a story it would be named "The Rose Blend". This blend is my pride and joy. I remember the intial phases of this blend and all the ingredients I had to use to find the perfect taste. This blend brings me back to when I was a child and my dad use to make a cup of dhood patti. I can still remember the smell of the milk and patti simmering. The blend is made from Loose black tea, Rose, Cardamom, Cinnamom, Badam and Pista. All the ingredients together boiled with the milk of choice makes the most perfect cup of chai. 



Rose Karak Chai

  • Rose Karak Chai



    Boil 1 cup water with 1 cup milk

    Add 2-3 teaspoons of the blend

    Bring to boil few times

    Add sugar while tea is brewing (optional)

    Strain into cup and serve hot


    Contains: Almond and Pistachios


    Ingredients- Loose Tea, Persain Rose, Cardamom, Cardamom Powder, Almond snd Pistachios


    5 oz

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